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A curated collection and workshop by Mario Gagliardi on local, handmade objects in northern Thailand and Laos. These objects smartly utilize the properties of natural materials in their method of making.
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Zero Carbon and Shared Space

A workshop by Mario Gagliardi to find new approaches to urban planning and ecologically sound power, water and food systems in the Persian Gulf. Analogous to the Shared Space concept in urban design, this cooperation was set up as a workshop situation without explicit hierarchy. Every participant had to negotiate his “idea space” with others. This leads to constructive knowledge exchanges and a marked increase in both number and quality of ideas and solution proposals. Invited participants: Shuhei Endo, Yasuyuki Takano, Gianni Botsford, Charlotte Skene Catling, Ricardo de Ostos, Marc Frohn, Alexandre Tonneau and others. The results of this workshop for Design Zone served as an inspiration for Lusail, Qatar’s new city project for 450.000 inhabitants.
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Traditional Thai crafts are increasingly under threat, as factory-produced imports undercut the prices of traditional, handmade products. To counter this trend, Mario Gagliardi collaborated with silk weavers from Buri Ram and rattan furniture makers in Surat Thani to explore their techniques and work with them on new prototypes. The intention was not to create perfect products, but to give the workshops a sense of how design works and how it could help them in making local consumers appreciate the value of their work.
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Organic Public Services

Contemporary cities are in need of public spaces which work better for their citizens. This proposal for the Korean Ministry of Culture combinines intelligent technology and sustainability. The system is based on modular design elements, designed to be easily installed in existing public spaces.
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