Interactive Environments

4 interactive environments by Mario Gagliardi to experience in your browser.

“In the midst of a flat and yellow land, dotted with meteorites and erratic boulders, I saw from a distance the spires of a city rise, slender pinnacles, made in such a way that the moon in her journey can rest now on one, now on another, or sway from the cables of the cranes.”
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Travel through an animated architectural sketch inspired by Italo Calvino (move mouse to look around):
Yellow Land

“Outside, the land stretches, empty, to the horizon; the sky opens, with speeding clouds. In the shape that chance and wind give the clouds, you are already intent on recognizing figures: a sailing ship, a hand, an elephant…”
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities
Wander through a bucolic landscape and watch the growth of imaginary structures. Turn up your volume and move mouse to look around:
Wherever you look

A holodeck where experimental objects are constantly being built and unbuilt. Move your mouse to look around:
Black BoxWander through an architectural landscape and experience phantastical suprematist architecture being created. Turn up your volume and move your mouse to look around:
Suprematist generator