The Emotibot concept by Mario Gagliardi was published in Green Newspaper, the leading Technology News in Korea.

미래 각 가정에 소셜로봇이 일상화될 것이란 비젼에 따라 MGD가 디자인한 인간과 상호작용하는 소프트 ‘이모티봇(Emotibot)’ 프로토타입. 외형으로 기억형상 합금과 전기폴리머 인공 근육으로 인간 근육처럼 부드럽고 탄력있는 소재를 사용하고, 페로브스카이트 태양열 건전지와 전전력 마이크로젤 다중센서 IoT 컴포넌트를 내장했다.

The Emotibots project is a future technology vision for soft social home robots. Envisioned to be the next generation of smart personal assistants, Emotibots learn about their environments and communicate through shapes, colors, movement and sound. They are small, lightweight, soft, translucent and shape-shifting companions, helping the kids with their homework or assisting grandma with writing an email. They consist of a light outer wire mesh made from shape memory alloy and an interior of electroactive polymer artificial muscles, perovskite solar cells and low-power IoT components with multiway sensing. Electrochromes in the gel provide for color changes, while moving activity is controlled by electroactive polymer strands.

Find the article at http://www.greened.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=71843