Design for critical thinking

5 projects designed to invite reflection and critical thinking.

Coffee break

Intentionally on the edge of usability, “coffee break” makes coffee cups into props to invite conversation and critical reflection.
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Place cards

Place cards for business meetings: Graphics of common business metaphors are placed in front of meeting participants to invite reactions and motivate them to comment on possible aspects of the currently discussed business issue.
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Empty full

How “real” is what we eat in times of GMO? How is food imagined by people who starve and have no food?
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News do not just inform. This graphic design experiment works by way of an algorithm which randomly takes words and adjusts their typographic size so that spaces in the layout are progressively filled. The word source consists of two lists: a collection of emotional ‘trigger words’ and a list of country and city names. Please wait until the script has loaded.
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Give following instructions: Cut a strip off a piece of paper and give it one twist. Glue the ends together. Then cut the strip in half. Before participants cut the strip in half, ask for the expected end result. The result is surprising for most: They don’t get two strips, but one larger strip. Learning outcome: Results can be different from what was expected.
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